Your First Visit


We Can't Wait to Meet You

Our gentle team at Blackburn Dental are excited in welcoming you to our clinic. Your first appointment is an opportunity to build a relationship with our team – where we spend time listening to your concerns and we design a tailored plan that suits your needs.
Here at Blackburn Dental Group you are the focus of our clinic. We endeavor to provide optimal, comprehensive services in a comfortable and gentle environment. We are here to listen and take care of you before, during and after your treatment, so that you are in a position to maintain an ongoing healthy smile.
Blackburn Dental Group Team

1. Medical History

Let us know about your medical history so we can provide you with the best care. Complete the form, here.

2. Consultation

Our dentist will speak to you to try and understand your goals and how we can best help you.

3. Assessment

We’ll provide a thorough assessment. Depending on your needs, this may include a digital, low dose x-ray or digital photos.

4. Follow-up

We offer appointments with an oral hygienist to discuss how you can best look after your teeth after your check-up.


What to Expect

1. Provide us with your medical history

As your medical health may influence how we care for you, prior to your appointment we require a medical history form to be completed. This can be done in advance using the link below or in person at our clinic.

Click here to download the medical history form. Please complete the form and email a copy to before your appointment.

2. Discuss your concerns

Our dentists will then spend time talking to you in order to understand your priorities and the reason for visiting. We understand that everyone has individual needs so please inform us of your concerns and we will personalise our approach to suit your requirements.
Blackburn Dental Group Consulting Rooms

3. Assessment

If your appointment is for a check up, our dentists will proceed to perform a thorough assessment of your oral and dental environment. This may include using digital, low dose x-rays or digital photos to aid in making appropriate diagnoses and for monitoring future changes.
Our dentists will proceed to discuss all findings and provide treatment options tailored to your needs. Our caring team is always happy to spend time listening and answering questions. While we value providing optimal treatment results, we understand this may not be feasible for everyone and our dentists can discuss appropriate alternates when required.

4. See our dental hygienist

Following your check up appointment, your dental hygiene is looked after for by our friendly team of hygienists who specialise in teeth cleaning, periodontal maintenance and oral hygiene education. Your appointment with our hygienists begins with a discussion of your current oral hygiene measures, followed by a thorough assessment of your gum and bone health. They will discuss areas of concern and subsequently provide comprehensive cleaning and oral hygiene advice that is tailored to your requirements.
Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule - Blackburn Dental Group

Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme

Medicare provides eligible families $1000 funding per child for dental services over 2 consecutive years. Typically parents will have received a letter from Medicare advising them of eligibility. Please let our receptionists know you will be accessing the scheme when booking the appointment and when you arrive. A parent or guardian must be present at each appointment to sign a consent form. After paying your account in full you can take the receipt/invoice to Medicare to claim the rebate. 

You cannot access your health fund rebates in conjunction with the Medicare rebate. For more information click here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have on-site parking together with ample street parking directly outside our clinic.
If you have “General Dental” as an extras cover under your insurance your visit may be partly or fully covered by your insurance. The amount covered depends on your personal level of cover. Some dental treatments fall under “Major Dental” which is a separate extras category from “General Dental”. The remaining portion not covered, termed “gap”, is what you will need to pay out of pocket.
We accept all dental health insurances, as well as the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme, and Department of Veteran’s Affairs.
We have ramp access to enter our premise and to our dental rooms. We are also experienced in treating patients who are unable to transfer directly onto the dental chair.

Book a dentist appointment

Get in touch to make an appointment with one of our friendly dentists at Blackburn Dental Group!

Book a dentist appointment

Get in touch to make an appointment with one of our friendly dentists at Blackburn Dental Group!