Missing Teeth


Missing Teeth

Throughout our lifetime, there are many reasons we could have missing teeth. Some people have congenitally missing teeth, while other teeth may form poorly and need early removal.
Other reasons for losing a tooth include injuries, decay, cracks or an infection. While not every missing tooth may affect your smile, it is still important to replace the tooth where a gap may compromise neighouring teeth or pose a risk of further damage elsewhere.
Missing Teeth

Options for replacing missing teeth

There are several ways missing teeth can be replaced, however the options are case dependent and require thorough assessment and treatment planning.
Possible options include:


A removable appliance that can replace single or multiple teeth simultaneously. It can be used as a temporary or long term measure but needs to be removed at night when sleeping.


Bridges are a fixed option that rely on one or more adjacent teeth to support a replacement tooth. Bridge designs vary and often require some preparation of the adjacent tooth/teeth for porcelain or metal to attach on.


Dental implants are the closest replicas to an original tooth. An implant is a titanium screw that is placed into the bone. Once integrated, a crown is then placed on top to replicate the external tooth.

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