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Our Emergency Dental Service

At Blackburn Dental Group we understand dental emergencies can happen without warning. That’s why we have allocated emergency appointments for new and existing patients every day. If you have a dental concern that you require urgent assessment for, please call us directly at (03) 8847 7400.

We can also assist with a range of other dental emergencies. Please contact us to see how we can help you.

Emergency Dentist - Blackburn Dental Group
There are many reasons you could be experiencing a toothache or pain in your mouth. Pain may be acute and occur from a sudden impact or infection to your mouth, it can be due to a chronic issue of the gums or nerve, or it could be due to an issue unrelated to the tooth altogether. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort it is optimal to have a dental assessment as pain and infections can progress rapidly.
Swelling of the gums or cheek without any recent injury may be a sign of an infection. Infections may present as a localised “pimple” or swelling adjacent to a tooth or can spread to the soft tissue nearby. Any form of swelling should be assessed urgently as they pose the risk of spreading and becoming a medical emergency. If you experience swelling that is associated with airway compromise, please present to the hospital emergency department immediately.
A broken or chipped tooth can occur following an injury, when eating, or occur without you realizing. Irrespective of the size of the chip or whether it is associated with pain, it is very important to get this assessed and fixed. Broken teeth may be associated with underlying issues such as decay, cracks or irregular bite pressure that could result in more complex problems if untreated. If you have noticed a broken tooth avoid chewing on the tooth and ensure the area is kept as clean as possible. If possible, try to locate the broken fragments and bring them in a clean storage container or bag.
Injuries to the mouth can occur following various scenarios including contact sports, a car accident, or upon falling over. When a knock to the jaw has occurred, possible outcomes include fractures to the teeth, movement of the tooth, teeth being knocked out, injuries to the skin and soft tissue of the mouth, as well as injuries to the bone.

If you experience an injury to the mouth, follow the below steps:

1. If there is loss of consciousness or any airway compromise contact 000 immediately.

2. Where there is significant bleeding, ensure the airway is clear by turning the patient on the side in a recovery position.

3. Control bleeding by applying firm pressure using a sterile dressing or clean tissue.

4. If bleeding is controlled and there are no further airway issues, schedule a dental appointment immediately.

5. If a tooth has been knocked out:

5a. Handle the tooth by the crown only, avoid touching the root surface.

5b. Ask the patient to gently suck it clean or gently rinse in water.

5c. If possible, replace the tooth in the original socket – adult teeth only, do not replace if it’s a baby tooth. Bite on some foil or a cloth to hold the tooth in position and see a dentist urgently.

5d. If the tooth can’t be replaced into the socket, place inside milk and see a dentist immediately.


During Opening Hours

We have allocated a limited number of slots every day for emergency appointments. Please get in touch with us during business hours if you require an emergency appointment.

Mon to Fri:  8 am – 5.30 pm
Saturday:  8 am – 12 pm
Sunday:  Closed


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