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About Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common problem but can often lead to enhanced self-awareness and anxiety. Also known as halitosis, bad breath can be caused by various factors ranging from bacteria inside the mouth, use of medications or other medical conditions.
Dental Problems - Bad Breath

Top Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath is often related to specific sulfur creating bacteria, most commonly residing on the skin of your mouth, teeth or throat. This can be exacerbated by:

Poor dental hygiene

This is a common reason for bad breath where heavier plaque, tartar and food deposits have occurred.

Dental conditions

Dental diseases like decay or gum disease are caused by bacteria in the teeth and gums. This is often associated with bad breath or possibly a bitter, metallic taste.

Tonsil stones

Tonsils in the back of the mouth can sometimes become blocked by small calcium stones, resulting in bad breath.

Insufficient saliva

Where there is limited saliva flow food particles and bacteria are more likely to accumulate in the mouth and result in bad breath. It can also lead to an increased risk of gum disease or decay.

Diet and lifestyle

Certain foods and habits are more prone to causing mouth odours. Smoking, alcoholic drinks and coffee are examples of these.

Medical conditions

Conditions such as sinusitis, stomach or kidney problems are also at risk of causing halitosis due to the bacteria involved.

Bad Breath Treatment

Treatment for bad breath begins by first determining the cause. Depending on the source, treatment may include enhanced oral hygiene measures, a thorough dental clean, fillings, or it may require further medical assessments and management.
When cleaning your teeth at home, a combination of brushing thoroughly for 2 minutes, flossing between your teeth, cleaning the plaque off your tongue and using mouthwash can help to minimize soft plaque and bacteria that contributes to bad breath.

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