Broken Teeth


Broken Teeth

While the enamel of teeth is in fact stronger than bone, it can still break in response to different factors. If you notice a rough or sharp area on a tooth, you may have cracked, chipped or broken a portion of your tooth or filling.
Broken Tooth

What causes a broken tooth?

A broken or chipped tooth can occur due to:

Does it need to be fixed?

Irrespective of the size of the chip or whether it is associated with pain, it is very important to get a broken tooth assessed and fixed. Since it may be associated with underlying issues such as decay, cracks or irregular bite pressure, an untreated tooth could lead to infections, root canal therapy, further breakdown or loss of the tooth. Addressing risk factors for future incidences is also ideal and our dentists can check and discuss these.

How do broken teeth get fixed?

With the advancement of more aesthetic white fillings, broken or chipped teeth can often be fixed with a composite filling that blends in and appears natural like the original tooth. However, in some instances if the chip is large or if the remaining tooth is compromised, a ceramic veneer or crown may be more optimal to protect the tooth from further damage.


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