March 6, 2023

Aesthetic Dental Treatment

If you are looking to improve the way your smile looks there are several options available depending on your circumstance.  Aesthetic treatment can include teeth whitening, polishing and reshaping teeth and fillings, veneers and orthodontic alignment.

Following a thorough dental check up, we will discuss your dental concerns and tailor a plan that suits your needs. 

Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is a procedure that can help lighten certain cases of discoloured or yellow teeth. Best results are seen following a professional dental clean to remove any superficial plaque, calculus and stains. After this our dentists will take impressions of your teeth and make bleach trays that are tailor made for you. The benefit of having customised bleach trays and using a take home bleach approach is that you are able to control the whitening results you desire, and you are able to whiten your teeth any time that suits your social needs. As long as your bleach trays continue to fit comfortably, you are able to reuse them for upcoming and future occasions. 

The benefit of professional kits purchased at a dental clinic is that the concentration of bleach we use is the highest professional and safest level that is available. We will also conduct a thorough assessment to ensure your teeth are healthy and safe enough for bleaching to be performed, as well as to detect any possible conditions where bleaching may not help or where alternate intervention is preferable. Also, by having customised bleach trays, this will allow your results to be as optimal as possible for your teeth.  

image 8
Whitening, before and after

Polishing and Reshaping Teeth or Fillings

Depending on your aesthetic concerns, at times management may be as simple as polishing or reshaping teeth or fillings. 

Over time superficial staining may occur on teeth or fillings that cannot be removed by regular tooth brushing at home. A professional clean or polish may be enough to remove these stains and help lighten the look of dark patches on your teeth. 

Where there are irregular or unnatural shapes to your teeth or fillings, a straightforward procedure to reshape rough surfaces, sharp corners or chipped edges may be performed. Worn or discoloured fillings can also be replaced as a simple aesthetic treatment.

Such options are inexpensive, fast methods to make minor changes to the look of your teeth. 

Veneers – Composite or Porcelain?

Veneers are a thin layer that is added to the front surface of your teeth to change their aesthetic appearance. Veneers can be an option to correct the shape, colour or length of teeth, as well as to provide a longer lasting option for teeth with large fillings. Where there are gaps between teeth or there is mild crowding, veneers may also be an option to create a more natural look. 

The option of a composite or porcelain veneer is available depending on your aesthetic and financial situation. 

Composite veneers are like standard fillings placed over the tooth surface to give you a fast, single visit change in appearance. The benefit of composite veneers is that they are cheaper and simple to place, usually requiring minimal preparation of the underlying tooth. While composite veneers are a quick fix option, there is a limitation of its life-like characteristic. Additionally, as composite veneers need a certain thickness for its strength and to block out underlying tones, depending on the situation, these may feel bulkier than a porcelain equivalent. Over time, they have a higher chance of wearing down, staining and chipping compared to porcelain veneers, however the procedure to polish and repair these is also usually straightforward.

Alternatively porcelain veneers are a lab made shell that can look and feel more life-like. Usually, but not always, a thin preparation of the tooth is required in order for porcelain veneers to adapt and blend in with the tooth. Porcelain veneers are much stronger and have a reduced risk of staining or chipping. They can be designed to change the shape and size of teeth with more natural results. 

image 14
Central teeth with staining & cracks
image 15
Central teeth with composite veneers

Orthodontic Treatment

While some aesthetic concerns can be corrected with whitening or veneers, more complex crowding or bite problems may require orthodontics to achieve better results. Orthodontic treatment allows teeth to be straightened and to correct their position in your mouth. Following a course of orthodontics, if there are still concerns with the shape and size of your teeth, cosmetic work like veneers can then be considered. By combining orthodontics with other aesthetic treatments, we are able to achieve results that are as natural and healthy for your teeth as possible. 

While there are many options for aesthetic treatment, outcomes are case dependent and require thorough assessment and planning. Speak to our dentists to inform them of your concerns, and they will spend time designing and tailoring a plan that best suits your requirements.